Time is a concept constructed and organized by man, into a system by which the modern world now runs. When we look at our time, however, it is not a concept. It is a limit, a ceiling.

For each person on this planet, time is a finite resource we can not replenish. The one fact we know for sure about death is that it will come for all of us-that makes it our most precious commodity. And yet we squander time on petty things- driving an extra 30 minutes to buy a piece of furniture for $30 cheaper. Watching TV that we aren’t remotely interested in. Defeating imaginary enemies in imaginary worlds. Rooting for sports teams. This is an extreme view point, yes- but all of these small choices compound. The average person squanders 9 years of their life watching television. Do you remember what you watched? Do you even remember what you read in the newspaper 2 days ago?

Cut out the useless rituals. Stop being busy, and start being productive. Turn commutes into classrooms- play an audiobook. Eventually, time will ruthlessly cut you down, death is inevitable. This we know for sure. What we can change, is whether we die unwillingly in regret, or will we welcome death at the end of a life where we did everything we wanted to do.


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