Broken America

The whole concept of working is screwed up in this country- everyone is so adamant that working long hours are necessary and expected. When schools and media feed you this crap long enough, you start to expect it. You assume that’s the right way to go.

That’s a whole lot of faith being put into a broken system.

If the system worked, we would be qualified to do more than flip burgers after finishing 13 years of schooling.

If the system worked, we would know how to do taxes and how credit cards work by the time we finished high school.

If the system worked, the government would spend more on educating its youth than on its incarcerated.

It’s time to question everything. Why do you need a PHD/MBA/ that computer/ that car? Will they really make you happy? If so, awesome. Or is it just the next thing on the list to keep you mindlessly working way? To me, watching the news, crappy tv shows, busy work, video games, and organized sports are all dangerous. They are distractions. They keep you from thinking. They let you waste away time without having to think critically. There is nothing more insane than pissing time away- it’s akin to burning money, except you can make money back if you lose it. Your time is gone forever.

Instead of trying to fit yourself into a system that doesn’t provide you adequate room, perhaps it’s smarter to build a system which works for you.


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