Predictions on Ryan Holiday’s New Book

I’m currently waiting for my copy of “The Obstacle Is The Way” to show up in the mail.

I was working from home this morning, and found out Ryan was doing an AMA on reddit- I’m slightly embarrassed to say I have a long list of questions I was going to ask when I met him. I wanted to meet him after I could honestly say I had put his books to good use, so I haven’t tried to meet him. Anyways- the opportunity presented itself so I started asking away. Once I realized that I had too many questions, I made a dummy account. This way I could get away with asking more questions without annoying him.

Yes, I feel bad for manipulating the time of one of my favorite authors, but not too bad. I feel like it’s what he’d have done during the Tucker Max days.

The AMA proved really really valuable to me. Namely- I have 35 unread books sitting on my shelf that I need to go through, he basically prioritized which I’ll read first.

(In case you’re wondering, the new order is Marcus Aurelius, Blue Ocean Strategy, 33 Laws of War, Steal like an artist, and the list goes on from there.)

Then there were little bits of wisdom interspersed throughout it “never assume to know an author just because you read their book” and another great post- the list of things Neil Strauss taught him.

Anyways- onto his book- I’m making some predictions based on what I’ve learned from him and others in the space-

-He will do a Tim Ferriss Podcast, most likely around the time the audiobook is released, as there’s a good chance the audiobook will be released on Tim’s new audiobook publishing platform.

-This is going to hit the bestsellers list. Ryan has been plugging this book for months. Long before the book was published, his bio would constantly hint at what he was up to.

“Ryan is currently working on finishing his upcoming book, The Obstactle is the way” turned into “Ryan is a multiple bestselling author. his newest book, “The Obstacle is the Way,” is now available to preorder. I estimate he pre-sold at least 2-300 books just with this soft sell method.

And then there’s the multiple slideshares, the book trailers, the interviews on the podcasts- philosophy is a tough sell as it isn’t exactly sexy like other books he’s worked on, but he knows his audience, and he has a loyal following.

I feel like I’ve talked about Ryan pretty often on here. And its true. But more than anything, guys like Ryan, Charlie, Tucker, and Tim fuel my ambitions. They make me work harder and ignore fear. I’m really good at thinking of a million ‘what if’ scenarios…most of them fantastical and terrifying and utterly preposterous, but quite convincing and crippling in the moment. They remind me to be objective, to set a goal, and lay out the steps to get there- objective and steadfast despite what obstacles, real or perceived, may be there. It’s militant self improvement.


To Learn From My Predecessors, and Build Upon Their Knowledge

This was inspired by a post that Charlie Hoehn did. It’s something I’ve thought about often and somehow never acted on. I should have wrote this a long time ago.

I want to captivate people when I speak, like Steve Jobs did.

I want to be a masterful storyteller like Dave Chappelle or Louis C.K.

I want to live on my own terms while sharing what I’ve learned, like Tim Ferriss.

I want to err on the side of boldness, and live without timidity, like Tucker Max.

I want to capture people’s hearts and minds with captivating work like Ricky Gervais, and laugh as much as he does.

I want to learn fearlessly and with determination like Neil Strauss.

I want to be able to create a spectacle, if necessary, like Justin Ross Lee.

I want to absorb knowledge and read as prolifically as Ryan Holiday, and network as well as he does.

I want to network and be true to my self like Charlie Hoehn has actively done.

I want to be able to act powerfully, like Tom Hardy.

I want to know history, like Robert Greene.

Ultimately, I want to have a story to tell. One that only I am qualified to tell.

The goal is not to mimic them, but to learn from them, to collaborate and work with them, and eventually form my own way of doing things. Who influences you?